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Apply to become a Slim Expert Wholesale or Distributor
As demand for Slim Expert have grown, so has the opportunity for distributors and wholesalers to partner with us.

Whether you are a small or large retailer, alternative health provider, an individual with a broad network of associates or a large distributor, Slim Expert has a reseller program designed just for you!

We offer two primary programs:

1. Wholesale Purchase Program - For individual resellers, retail stores, health providers or others who purchase in bulk and who resell the products directly to consumers. Learn more...

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2. Distributor Program - For large distributors who typically wholesale our products to retail stores and health practitioners and who can meet the higher minimum order volumes. To learn more about this program and to have a Slim Expert customer service manager contact you, please email us info@slimexpert.net

No matter which program you ultimately choose, with Slim Expert, you will receive:
  • Outstanding, proven and unique products and a growing, recognized brand name
  • Aggressive wholesale and distributor discounts and the support of a dedicated team
  • The ability to meet order minimums by combining products on one order form.
  • Excellent marketing support, a very informative website, newsletters, the finest customer service, and .....
  • We are available to answer any questions... anytime
We look forward to hearing from you!
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